Path to Greatness FAQs


Do you offer month to month plans?

We have punch cards available. But all of our plans are at least a 3 month investments of time.

We want to hold you accountable to your goals with us. YOU WILL have bad days, YOUR LIFE WILL GET BUSY, YOU WILL HAVE MOMENTS OF WANTING TO QUIT. To safeguard your goals,

WE want to be a necessary part of those hard days, to be a part of creating a solution for obstacles that have derailed your health and fitness endeavors. Knowing you can leave at anytime creates an easy out.

Which fuels cycles that lead to stagnant progression and even worse continued decline health.

I have tried CrossFit before and am looking for a new box. Can I come try you guys out?

Absolutely, schedule your no sweat intro HERE where we will get to know you, and get you set up in our software system for our 30 day try us out plan. (Investment varies) Our software will provide you with easy tracking of progress, schedule of classes, all wrapped up in your own athlete profile.

I have a ton of movement restrictions (pre-existing injuries/ rehab from surgery/pain in my…) is this a good fit for me? I am tired of being in pain and don’t want to make it worse.

A crucial piece of all of our plans include a 45 minute movement assessment with our Chiropractor or Physical therapist. These assessments are used in creating all of your plans and our trainers work closely with these docs to build strength, accomplish weight loss goals and gain

confidence again in progress despite setbacks.